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Our partner Pandacraft

05/11/2021 -

We know that you are always looking for activities that are both innovative and educational. We are in partnership with the specialist of the educational games to receive at your home: Pandacraft! 




logo pandacraft


Mômji is delighted to present its partner Pandacraft, the expert of subscriptions to creative kits.

Your children will be overjoyed to receive, every month, a new package containing everything to learn about the world.




Pandacraft was born in 2013 with a specific goal: transform learning but allowing children to discover the world through experiences, while lighting up the spark of their imagination! 

pandacraft activité

They offer a monthly subscription for 3 to 12 year olds in the form of creative kits that children receive in their mailboxes. Each month, their 20,000 subscribers receive a package containing an educational magazine, a manual activity, a digital activity on a theme that changes every month.

No need to go to the Post Office, you will receive, directly to your home, kits adapted to your children's age. With the help of your Creative nanny, they will be able to discover how volcanoes work, the many wonders of space or even just learn while playing super-heroes.


There are two types of subscriptions: a version for ages 3 to 7 called the Explore subscription and another for older children. The Makers subscription is perfect for children ages 8 to 12.


Every month, alongside your Mômji nanny, your children develop their critical thinking and their creativity




The subscription is only €9,90 per month and allows your child to learn more and more things! The cherry on top: if you start your subscription with the Volcano kit or the Marine Animals kit, your first month is free


To know more about this offer, visit the Pandacraft, website, and take a look at their at-home creative kits!


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