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Looking for a nanny in Lyon?


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Do you live in Lyon or the Lyon region and need a reliable nanny for your children? Mômji is a local agency, so we're located near you to best suit your needs. We are very committed to the idea that our nannies are only selected for childcare close to home.

The city of Lyon offers many places dedicated to children, such as the famous Parc de la Tête d'Or, which is open all year round so that your nanny can share moments of discovery in the open air with your child if you wish, after school, on Wednesdays or during the school holidays. 


We offer two nanny services to suit your needs:


  •  English Childcare: the best way for your children to learn a new language in a natural way.
  •  French Childcare : inspired by active teaching methods, to awaken and develop your children's curiosity.


We have created our own Mômji pedagogy for all our offers! For school outings, Wednesdays or school holidays, we're here to make your day-to-day childcare management easier.





Have you heard of the absorbing mind? Before the age of 7, your children's minds absorb new knowledge like a sponge absorbs water: their brains are not yet "cluttered" by years of stored-up knowledge. 
It's the ideal time to learn, to develop their creativity and to wake them up in a fun way with a variety of activities! 
Our nannies in Lyon and the surrounding area are dedicated to awakening your children's curiosity, helping them to grow and develop every day.

Nounou et enfant qui cuisinent

Mômji nannies in Lyon :


  •  are recruited through a rigorous selection process,
  •  receive safety training for children under the age of 3,
  •  receive Mômji pedagogy, adapted to the age of your children, with lots of activities to do every week.

Your nanny in Lyon can adapt to your needs


Our at-home services can be provided at different times of the day or week, in Lyon and the surrounding area:

  •   right after school
  •   on Wednesdays,
  •   early in the morning, 
  •   during the holidays.

Our rates in Lyon

Enfant et nounou qui cuisinent avec des oeufs

Did you know? Our rates depend on the Mômji service you choose and are degressive depending on the number of hours you need. 


With Mômji, you can reduce your childcare budget thanks to two types of assistance:

1/ assistance from the CAF/MSA* (PAJE) up to your child's 6th birthday: between €335 and €925.26 per month, depending on your income.

2/ 50% tax credit**.


Find out more about our nanny rates




* According to article 199 sexdecies of the French General Tax Code, subject to changes in legislation. 

** The amount of aid varies according to your income, provided you have a child under the age of 6 looked after for at least 16 hours a month. See the conditions for entitlement on the CAF website or the MSA website.


How do you choose your nanny in Lyon?

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What do you need? What are your expectations?


Would you like this childcare to be more than just childcare? A time of daily stimulation for your child? Would you like your child to be accompanied by a nanny who will open up windows onto the world, while having fun with him or her? 


Would you like your child to be introduced to English? An English-speaking nanny can accompany your child and help them learn new words in a fun way. This introduction will not be seen as an assignment to be completed at home, but as a time of daily stimulation and fun.

Discover childcare in English.


Would you like to stimulate your child and help them develop their independence? Discover our French childcare service.

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The nannies we select are interviewed by telephone to ensure that they meet our selection criteria.


During this pre-selection process, we check certain criteria such as their experience, employability, qualifications, availability and, of course, their motivation.


We then interview them on our premises. A number of points are discussed, and then they are put through a role-playing exercise to assess their reactions to certain scenarios.


Finally, you confirm the choice of nanny after an initial meeting. This is important, and helps to establish a real relationship of trust!


Our nanny agency in Lyon

Nounou et garçon avec des bananes

Mômji is an agency offering childcare services in English and French. Our agency, based in Paris, offers carefully selected nannies trained in our own teaching methods, who will look after your children as soon as they leave school, day care or on Wednesdays.


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Call us at 0033 1 83 95 41 74 or ask us for a quote.



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We offer childcare services in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Rennes, Strasbourg and Toulouse.