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A special card for our loved ones

14/02/2024 - Activités créatives

In a few days, it's Valentine's Day. For children, it's the occasion to tell their loved ones that they love them. To help them do this, Mômji suggests you make your own personalised card.


nounou Mômji enfants parc



February 14th is Valentine's Day. If children don't necessarily have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, they can always tell people they love them. At Mômji, we even think that this is a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: develop their motor skills with an activity that will be useful for this holiday. And what better way to do this than to make a Valentine's Day card with your help!


To make the card, you will need:

  •  coloured paper
  •  pencils
  •  felt-tip pens
  •  glitter
  •  stickers
  •  string
  •  scissors
  •  a knife


Before starting the activity with the child, make sure that he/she washes his/her hands well. Once this first step is done, you can start the making.  


Making the card


Step 1: 
Take a coloured sheet and fold it in half. 


Step 2: 
Ask the child to put the palm of his or her hand on the paper, spreading the fingers a little.


Step 3: 
Take a felt-tip pen or pencil and trace the outline of the hand (don't go lower than the wrist).


Step 4: 
If the child is 7 years old or older, have him/her cut out the outline of the hand with scissors, without leaving the boundary lines.
If he/she is younger, tell him/her to cut out the lines with your help and do the finishing yourself. 


Step 5: 
Unfold the card and you can see that the inside outline of the hand forms a heart



Decorate the card


Step 6: 

Ask the child what they want to decorate the blank side of their card with (to add colour and sparkle, you can use glitter, and stickers).


Step 7:

Fold the card over and make a small hole at the end of the opening. Put a string through the hole to open and close the card. 



Write the message


Step 8: 
Discuss with the child what message they want to write inside their card.


Step 9: 
Have the child write the chosen message: 
At 5 they can write in capital letters with your help.
At 6 years old, they can start to write in lower case
At 7, they can write everything with a model


Step 10: 
Remember to read the text again before the child starts writing on the card.


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