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The New Mômji Pedagogy

15/08/2022 - Témoignages famille

Welcome to the new Mômji pedagogy. During this year, your children will discover new countries and new cultures due to playful activities created by our pedagogic board and animated by some psychologists, teachers, child development experts and also parents and Momji nannies ! 



Pooja nounou




The natural rhythm of the child


This is hard to entertain a 2 year-old child the same way you deal with a 7 one. At Mômji, we have thought about different activities with a different theme every month, and we have declined it in terms of the cognitives abilities and the development phase of every child. This way, even if there are siblings, the nanny will be able to accompany them individually while they exercise the same theme. The idea behind this new pedagogy is to follow the natural rhythm of the children while opening their mind to the world. 


In September, they will head to Japan. Littles kids will be able to discover fans created by their nanny. They will feel the air blown to their face while the olders will manufacture their own fans and will wear (and learn about) kimonos.  

Every month, Momji nannies will execute two activities specifically related to a chosen country and an activity dedicated to the development of the child : start of the motor skills, development of the language, socialization, creativity, autonomy…


Kit Mômji


In addition, according to the type of guard chosen, you will receive a home kit of bilingual activities (initiation) or a Pandacraft kit (creative). 



Concretely, how does it work ? 


QR code momji

When you’ll start your mission with Mômji, you will receive by mail a magnetic QR code, stickable on a fridge as well as a small poster if you don’t have any magnetic area at home.  


Every month, we’ll send an email to the nannies to let them access new activities. The email will contain multiple articles to help them during their guards. We can also, if you want to, send you by mail the pedagogy and articles only dedicated to your own. 


In summary, this new pedagogy is :

  •  A way to open minds on the world and its differences
  •  A new country every month
  •  4 activities sent by email to your home or available with a QR Code
  •  Concrete advice to help your nanny succeed in this daily mission. 



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