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Meeting the nanny

06/09/2022 - Témoignages famille

Interviewing is not an easy exercise. However, when you want to make sure you find the right nanny for your children, the questions you need to ask are essential. At Mômji we have been recruiting nannies since 2009 so we wanted to share some of our questions with you.


Nounou Mômji et enfant




Every interview starts in much the same way, it is good to ask about experiences for childrencare agencies or with families, informal experiences with family or neighbours. 


To get a little more personal and learn a little more about your future nanny, ask her to tell you about her best memory during one of her childcare moments. 


You can also be interested in his/her studies, diplomas, training, ask him/her what he/she wants to do later on... 






Looking after children should not be a choice by default. There is nothing worse than a person who is unmotivated to look after your children. It is therefore essential to check the reasons why your future nanny wants to look after your children. 


Ask him/her directly why he/she wants to do this job and see what he/she answers. If the first answer is purely financial, it is not a satisfactory answer. 

You can dig a little deeper by asking what kind of activities he/she could set up after school or to occupy a Wednesday afternoon? Does he/she have any hobbies that he/she would like to share with your children? 


And to reassure you, don't hesitate to do a few situational questions on the attitude to adopt in case of a child's crisis, on how to behave when crossing the street with two children, what to do when the children are in the bath and the doorbell rings?


Details that are not details


Before and during the interview, don't forget these few details that may seem insignificant but are not. 

Make sure you check: 

  •   punctuality
  •   comute time between home and the children's school
  •   flexibility 

And make sure you check on :

  •  your children's potential allergies 
  •  your childcare expectations (no screens during the week)
  •  your specific needs (vegan, vegetarian)
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