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I am looking for a bilingual nanny


20/08/2021 -


nounou, enfant, poussette



Hello, can you introduce yourself? 
My name is Marwa, I'm 25 years old, and I'm a Mômji nanny since October 2020!  


How many children are you looking after with Mômji? 
I work with three families! In each family, there are two children between the ages of 3 and 5! 


Do you speak English, and where did you learn the language ?

Yes I do I speak English ! I started learning English  when I was 11 years old, with a canadian family, then I studied English at the university, and I just got my master degree in English teaching!



What is your favorite activity to do with children?

I love to color with the kids : i rely on these moments to teach them the names of colors, characters, places in English.


What is your favorite fruit?

My favorite fruit? Strawberries!


What is your favorite passion to share with children?

I love to read with children, I think reading with them is very important because it definitely helps them develop their imagination!


How was your first meeting with the family?

In the first family I worked with, I was looking after a 10 year old girl.

The first meeting was very pleasant: we talked about the hobbies the family usually do together, our respective passions, the schedule, but also the activities to do with the little girl!

You have been a Mômji nanny since October, but did you already do childcare before that?

Even though I am an English teacher, I have already been a nanny during my studies, after school, in several families in Tunisia! 


What is your professional goal ? What do you to do as a job later ?

My goal in life is to teach English in the best way. It can be through babysitting and doing a lot of activities, it can be in the classroom when we learn the basics of English, or through activities outdoors or indoors.

I aim to perfectly teach English to kids to inspire them to be better leaders in the future! 


fille et nounou se tapent dans la main


How do you manage a kid that cries and doesn’t want to do what you ask for ?

Some kids are a bit diffcult to handle but nothing is very difficult when it comes to kids after all.

When it come to kids that often cry and all of that, my solution is to come closer to them through things they love to do. So it’s better to share things, like some activities, like playing fooball if he or she enjoys that activity. This leads him or her to get closer to you, and by that time you would build a close relationship. This means that the kid won’t cry after all.



How many hours a week do you work with Mômji?

I work with Mômji about 20 hours a week!


Is it close to your home?

As I work with several families, the situation varies: sometimes I take the bus to take the kids out of school, sometimes I walk! In any case, yes, it is often close to my home.

Did you have a nanny when you were a kid?

No, I didn't have a nanny when I was a kid!


Why did you choose to work with Mômji ?

When I first came here to France, the first thing that really got my attention was Mômji, and i started making a lot of research about it, about the principles that Mômji follows and I found it very interesting as a company, as a babysitting agency, what they really do for the kids ( game, pedagogy and for the way they accompany nannies.

Mômji has provide an area too pursue my goals so Mômji was one of the first step and the most important step that I had followed here in France and I think that it provide me an amazing opportunity.

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