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Create beautiful flowers!

21/03/2022 - Activités enfants anglais

Spring is just around the corner: trees are turning green and flowers are filling the fields, gardens and balconies. To accompany the beginning of a new season and the beautiful weather, here is a spring activity to do with the children to brighten up the house while teaching them a little more about botany!


Materials needed: 

  •  white and yellow sheets of paper
  •  a small cardboard box of 6 eggs
  •  yellow and orange paint
  •  brushes
  •  scissors 
  •  pencil 
  •  glue


Don't forget to protect your work surface with newspaper or a plastic tablecloth!


Separate one of the 6 containers from the egg box.


Activité Printanière Mômji séparation d'un des récipients de la boite à oeufs


Paint the inside and outside of the cardboard box yellow with a brush.


Don't forget to wash your hands between each activity so you don't get paint all over!


Next, you'll need a blank sheet of paper, a pencil and your scissors (for the little ones, ask your Mômji nanny or your parents to help you cut).


Form the petals of your flower: fold 1/3 of your sheet and then cut it to a width of 8 centimeters. Then cut out a third of your leaf. 


activité Mômji Printemps coupez la feuille en deux


Fold it in half.


activité printanière Mômji pliez la feuille


Draw two half circles to form a heart that you will then cut out on the lines drawn with a pencil.


activité printemps Mômji découpez sur les lignes en forme de coeur


Tip: keep the rest of the sheet to create other flowers!


Unfold your paper to reveal the petals of your flower.


Then, glue your yellow painted egg carton in the middle of your flower.


Repeat these steps with different colors of leaves and paints to create a colorful garden of exotic flowers!


You can also name the different parts of a flower and write them on your paper flower to learn more about the functions of each component! This is the perfect time to combine creativity and education: kids will love using different colors to remember the composition of daffodils or narcissus.


vidéo de l'activité printanière Mömji sur les fleurs


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