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3 activities to practice English during holidays

29/06/2020 - Activités enfants anglais

trois idées pour réviser l'anglais pendant les vacances



Holidays are here ... but this is no excuse to stop English! Baby-Speaking gives you 3 ideas to revise English with your kids.



#1 Watch famous movies in English

enfants regarder film anglais baby speaking


Watching movies in English is perfect to learn a foreign language. The 18-25 generation will confim!

So suggest that your kids watch Disney movies they already know but this time, in English!


Harry Potter, Frozen, Vaiana, ... having children is also a good excuse to watch cartoons!


There are also many English cartoons with which they will be familiar without knowing them by heart such as Paw Patrol or Postman Pat.



#2 Bed time stories in English

very hungry caterpillar



You will find many actors, teachers or Youtuber parents who tell children stories on video. Perhaps you are already familiar with certain French storytellers? Today, we offer English speakers to help your children to progress in English!



An unmissable and very well illustrated story is  The very hungry caterpillar, written by Eric Carle and watched by more than  75 millions people!
We also really liked the Youtube channel T-Series Kids Hut  that offers short or longer illustrated stories.


On the Youtube Channel Fairy Tales and Stories for Kids, you will find short pieces (15 minutes) of famous fairy tales, such Peter Pan or Cinderella.


Since the beginning of quarantine due to COVID crisis, Michael Chabon was telling children stories every day.  This American author is nostalgic of the time he was telling stories to his children and so decided to do it on Youtube! We highly recommend!


Of course, all these films and stories: it makes a lot of screens for your children and you have to gauge well. We also discussed the issue of screens during quarantine during our live with Céline Peel, our exoert.


We discussed the recommended screen time for children, analyzed your answers on the theme and explained the difference between leaving your child in front of a screen, and putting him in front of a video, game or film for educational purposes.


Watch the live on our  Instagram account to learn more!



#3 Bingo party!

soirée bingo enfant


All your days (and evenings) look the same to you? We suggest you organize a family bingo to bring somùe excitement during your evenings!



Here you can get your Bingo cards.



You can also do slightly different bingo for older children. Fill the boxes on your cardboard with the names of animals, family vocabulary or even the days of the week for example. Then, make riddles, in French or in English, the answer of which is one of the words that were written on the boxes!




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