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Westpoint bilingual school in Lyon

31/03/2020 - Écoles bilingues

ecole westpoint lyon



You do not know which school to choose in Lyon for your child? What if you chose an international bilingual school, in kindergarten as in primary? Discover Westpoint school, its program and educational goals.





Wespoint bilingual school exists since 1980 and has been working for 40 years to make your children feel comfortable and enjoy coming to school. More than a traditional schooling, the school wishes to transmit real values ​​while allowing her students to open their minds.



In kindergarten as in primary, the children schooled at Westpoint discover new languages ​​and cultures, but also artistic activities and sports practices.



Located in Lyon, this school welcomes children of all nationalities from 2 years old until the end of primary school. If French education is based on a basic school curriculum, English is learned on a daily basis by native teachers.





Immersion in the English language allows children to learn the language from an early age and get themselves used to all communication situations. This is why the Kindergarten classes, from the very small section to the large section, offer progressive language learning thanks to a native teacher and an ATSEM (Specialized Territorial Agent for Nursery Schools).



The English and French vocabulary are studied during the discovery of the world, musical education and visual arts or even in class rules. Learning a first language will make the second one much easier! 



From the large kindergarten section, small bilingual students will learn to write and read.





From the first grade, learning English continues with new methods and skills. Students are encouraged to talk in English, read information, or write. The goal is not only listening and understanding, it is also speaking!



This teaching is essential to learn life in society and to build every child's personality. We know that studying a second language considerably facilitates future learning and also makes it possible to enrich oneself thanks to a new culture.



This is why the curriculum of Westpoint primary school also includes the discovery of English literature or that of Anglo-Saxon culture, through thematic activities and songs.



Many sports or cultural activities are included in the program and speakers move around the school to offer extracurricular activities. It is thus possible to practice field hockey, music, football or even hip-hop.



Do you want to teach your child English? In addition to choosing a bilingual school, opt for a baby-sitting service in English in Lyon for your occasional or regular needs!




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