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Greenfield Bilingual school in Lyon

25/03/2020 - Écoles bilingues

école greenfield lyon


Are you looking for a bilingual school in Lyon for your child? Discover the Greenfield school created by Isabelle Fiquet and the early French-English education it offers. We tell you about its educational objectives and we give you 5 good reasons to choose this school to learn English!


Main educational goals



The bilingual Greenfield school was created in Lyon in 1988, while Isabelle Fiquet was still a student. Her desire was to design a structure that would allow children to learn English while respecting their rhythm and their different development.


Her goal for all these years has been to communicate fundamental values ​​such as respect, tolerance, self-esteem and, of course, open-mindedness.

Educational goals in kindergarten



The first goal is to make your child love school. It is an essential basic step that will allow him/her to develop a more curious mind and make him/her want to learn.


From 2 years old, bilingualism is developed thanks to an early learning of English through games, active listening and different activities. Singing, dancing and manual work punctuate children's daily lives with the help of English-speaking teachers.


Children's self-confidence and autonomy are also developed, with respect and according to the rhythm of each. It is fundamental to the good development of each child and essential for their future life!


Finally, other basic notions are acquired such as finding one's bearings in time and space, or learning to read in large sections of kindergarten. Bilingual education will greatly facilitate this learning!


Educational goals in primary school  


In primary school, the goals are a little different and the learning more advanced.

Being fluent in French is essential and will give children a solid foundation. This is also the case for mathematics, the first notions of which are based on reflection and observation.

The aim is to give children a taste for experimentation and creativity, in both French and English. The vocabulary of this second language is also enriched and the start of writing begins in CE1.

Thanks to projects and themed days, English language is more attractive. Presentations are put in place and special days such as the inventors' day or the medieval day.

In CE2 and CM2, the Cambridge Examinations are offered to enhance your child.



5 good reasons to choose this school for your child in Lyon 


Do you need a little more to convince yourself that Greenfield is the bilingual school you need? We give you the 5 good reasons to choose it.


#1 Natural bilingual learning


Your child will become bilingual without even realizing it since he/she will be working this second language on a daily basis. He/she will therefore quickly remember the music of the language and will not learn it for love of the latter, but because he/she will love the people who speak it. And that's what makes all the difference!


#2 A rythm adapted to your child's needs


To respect your child's rhythm, bilingual education is taught every day, but over half-days which are organized in English or French.


#3 Your child will enjoy school


As we mentioned earlier, making your child love school is one of Greenfield’s goals. This is why the classes have a maximum of twenty students and the atmosphere is warm and friendly.


#4 French language is not neglected


The main fear of parents of bilingual children is that English will take precedence over French. In reality, bilingualism makes it possible to develop the cognitive capacities of the child. The two languages ​​therefore do not encroach on each other, but feed naturally. 


#5 A school close to your home


Are you from Lyon and looking for a bilingual school near you? The Greenfield school is located just 10 minutes from downtown Lyon. It is located in Collonges, at Mont d'Or.

To continue learning a second language after school, choose a bilingual nanny! Our Baby-Speaking service allows you to benefit from childcare in English, at home.




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