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I am looking for a bilingual nanny

Our selection process

English or English-speaking nanny, bilingual baby-sitter : in order to provide you with a service of high quality, it's essential for us to start with a very thorough selection process of our employees. If you're looking for a babysitting job or a teaching job have a look at our jobs in Paris and in France

Recruiting process of our employees

We present you in all transparency each stage of our selection, which has been put together  by experts in Human Ressources and which has been presented to the Direction du Travail and audited by its team in order to obtain the quality approval. 

Candidats internationaux

1. Recruiting new applicants : for the selection of our English nannies and bilingual baby-sitters, we pass on the information to the greatest number of candidates possible : in specialized forums, in the media, by creating partnerships with foreign universities (English and American)… In 2011 we have dealt with over 15 000 applications !

2. Pre-selection : Once the applicants have applied online and filled out the form, we call them up to verify certain criteria that determine our interest in meeting them for an interview :

- their hiring potential (at a legal level) : nationality, their visa status…)
- Their experience with children
- Their diplomas (specific to early childhood or not)
- Their availability
- Their motivation


3. Selection
We then meet them for an interview in our offices. Through the interview form, we test the following points :


In general
- Their motivation to work with children / to work at Baby-speaking
- What they really like about working with children
- What is most important for them when they're in charge of children / the must-have essential aptitudes


- We spend time on each experience in order to thoroughly understand what they have really done.


About the position
- We try to understand along with them why they have chosen to work through us and not directly with a family 
- We try to find out what kind of relationship they want to build with the children they'll be in charge of
- We ask them to define their conception of a 'good authority figure'

Vérification et sélection de nos nouveaux baby-speakers

Field practice
- We go over various situations in order to test their reactions, their knowledge in everyday situations :  Afterschool pick-up, games and conversation periods with the child, authority management …


4. Organisation of the encounter with the family.
Lastly the family gives the green light or not after the encounter with the candidate (95% of first encounters approved).

Why choose us?

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    We provide an activity kit we created in partnership with the CNRS.
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    Quality accreditation since 2009. Our employees are experimented and trained.
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    Leader in France: 3000 families and children learn languages with us every week.
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    We recruit and select your baby-speaker amongst the 500000 applications we receive every year.
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    We handdle for you all the administrative support. You are eligible to 50% of tax exemption and CAF allowance.

Recruiting your nanny for early childhood (- 3 y.o)

We have obtained the quality approval which permits us to present you with nannies in Paris to take care of your children under three years old.


However, this authorisation is local and concerns, for now, just Paris and the requirements linked to that approval are quite high : The applicants who have experience and/or the diplomas required are rare and we know how important it is for the families to find their nanny well in advance.


If you choose a "traditional" solution in French, think of us ! Your toddlers  can still benefit from our services ! In the presence of the nanny or a parent, our employee can come play with your child at your home in the chosen language and at a very attractive price. 

Are you looking for a job?


Speaking-Agency offers English speaking jobs in Paris: Join our team and teach English in Paris, or apply for one of our nanny jobs in Paris.


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