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I am looking for a bilingual nanny

Mômji Nanny on Wednesdays

Our Mômji nannies are selected from over 70,000 applications. Since 2009, we have been accompanying more than 5000 children on a daily basis! Our nannies are experienced, we are here to make your life easier by taking care of your children on Wednesdays!



Nounou et enfant mercredi



At Mômji, we are convinced that differences are a real asset and that they should be shared from a very young age


Each moment of childcare is a unique moment of sharing between your child and his nanny, as testified by the parents of little Lucas, who have trusted Mômji for over a year:


"My husband and I arranged to pick up our son at the end of school every evening, but we could not find a solution for all-day Wednesdays. We were looking for a dynamic and trustworthy person to take care of our son for a whole day. We met Rita through Mômji, she is a psychology student and we immediately fell in love with her! She lives near us and knows our neighborhood perfectly. Every Wednesday morning Lucas waits impatiently for his nanny to go for a walk and discover or rediscover every corner of our beautiful city! It's a nice change from his school days and these Wednesdays allow him to have a nice break in his week!" Céline, mom of Lucas

Nounou et enfant brossage de dents

Did you know? Our rates are adapted to the Mômji service you choose and are degressive depending on the number of hours you need. 


With Mômji, you can reduce your childcare budget thanks to two types of financial assistance:


1/ financial aid from the CAF/MSA* (PAJE) up to your child's 6th birthday: between €335 and €925.26 per month, depending on your income.

2/ a 50% tax credit.**.





We answer your needs by introducing you to a carefully selected nanny who has been trained in the Mômji pedagogy and who will look after your children on Wednesdays while sharing their passions, culture or even English.



Enfant et nounou miroir



• Our nannies all have experience in childcare! Their motivation and reliability are tested during the interview through situational settings.


• Our nannies are trained by Mômji on safety measures as well as our unique pedagogical approach.


Would you like to introduce your children to the English language through a childcare service? Our childcare in English formula is made for you!





Carte de france


We offer our childcare services in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Rennes, Strasbourg and Toulouse



Fille enlève ses chaussures



The recruiting of you nanny is entrusted to a specialized HR team, here at Mômji, that follows a rigorous selection process as to offer you the best matching profile for your needs.


We are the leaders in different childcare... more than 5000 children grow and blossom each week alongside one of our nannies

Mômji is the employer of your nanny, and takes care of: the recruitment of your nanny, her training and educational material, the quality and administrative monitoring of her work with your family, the payment of her salary and social charges, the civil liability insurance, your CAF and tax certificates, the replacement of your nanny when necessary.

Fillette et nounou heureuses



* In accordance with article 199 sexdecies of the French General Tax Code, subject to changes in legislation.

** The amount of aid varies according to your income, provided that you have a child under the age of 6 looked after for at least 16 hours a month. See the conditions for entitlement on the CAF website or the MSA website.