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Nounou et enfant


Since 2009, Mômji has been helping families who want to combine childcare with learning English.


We offer English childcare, which the best way for your children to learn a new language in a natural way and to open up to the world around them.

Nounou et enfant

Our nannies are passionate about childcare and enthusiastically pass on their language and culture to your children, making childcare a special time when each can learn from the other, to grow and flourish. 

We also offer educational support throughout the year, thanks to our Mômji activity kit and creative activities developed by bilingualism experts, to make childcare a unique experience for your children.


An accredited agency since 2009, every year we passionately support more than 3,000 parents in their daily lives. We also review more than 70,000 applications and recruit more than 4,000 nannies.




Alongside experts in language acquisition, we offer services combining childcare and English language learning.


Our belief? You learn a language as early as possible, and in a fun way!


To make the most of these moments of sharing and learning with your nanny, Mômji has developed its own games, activities and pedagogical documents, which are given to your nanny every month so that she can help your children learn this new language comfortably.



The earlier contact with the language begins, the better the quality of teaching and nanny training. Our pedagogy is based on teaching a language through key everyday moments.

During childcare, your English-speaking nanny sets up a language-learning ritual using activities that we provide. 


The goal? To use everyday moments, creative activities and moments of sharing (snacks, games, hand-washing, etc.) to help your child learn the language effortlessly!



For our English childcare services, we employ English-speaking nannies. Our aim is to make childcare a unique moment of exchange and sharing, for our nannies as well as for your children.


For this reason, our English-speaking nannies :


- are recruited via a rigorous selection process, from among 70,000 applications each year. We recruit reliable, educational profiles who are eager to share their passions, their language and their culture. 


- are experienced in childcare. Our nannies must have one or more years of significant experience in childcare, and during their interview we carry out a simulated situation to ensure their ability to ensure your children's safety.







We offer our childcare services in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Rennes, Strasbourg and Toulouse


An enriching experience at any time for your child!


Illustration d'enfants


Choose between different offers: you can opt for after school pick-up, daycare pick-up, or only on Wednesdays

Nounou anglaise et garçon



Our expertise is based on:


bold communication, in France and abroad, with the best universities and training institutes in the world.

strict management of applications by our HR team, which processes more than 70,000 applications each year in several stages (prescreening, telephone calls, interviews). 

the practice of motivating remuneration to develop the loyalty and value of our nannies from all over the world 

• a presence in the largest French cities: Paris, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes, Montpellier, Marseille, Nice, Strasbourg, Rennes...


And our services speak for themselves: more than one in five families come to us for childcare in English, on the recommendation of satisfied parents!