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A day with Inna, creative nanny

10/03/2022 - Nos babysitters bilingues

Inna has been a creative nanny at Mômji for a few years now. This young Russian found the perfect opportunity to combine her passion for manual activities and childcare by joining Mômji. Every day after school, she picks up Augustin and his little sister Juliette, and the afternoons are filled with imagination and creativity.


From Moscow to Paris


Nounou garçon yoga



Inna always dreamed to visit France and live in Paris for a few years to improve her knowledge of French. This young Russian girl loves the company of children and when she wondered what she could do for a job besides her language classes, becoming a Mômji nanny seemed like an obvious choice.

Indeed, when she heard that Mômji had a specialised creative childcare service, the idea immediately appealed to her. Enthusiastic, eager to share her experience and learn new things, loving the company of children and concerned about their well-being, Inna had all the qualities required to become a great Mômji nanny! 



After school


nounou Mômji jouant aves des masques avec Augustin et Juliette


This year, Juliette is in kindergarten and Augustin is in first grade. While Juliette was a little apprehensive about going to school at the beginning, she also knew that meeting Inna at 4.30 p.m. was reassuring. Indeed, Inna had the chance to meet the whole family before the big day. Thanks to the interview she had with the parents, the young Russian student already knew the routine she had to set up with the children. The transition was therefore very smooth.


At 4.30 p.m., when the school bell rings, Inna is already at the door of the children's school, located about fifteen minutes by bus from her flat. The young woman picks up Juliette, who jumps into her arms, and then Augustin, who often tries to get rid of his schoolbag. On the way home, Inna is very attentive to the safety of the children who hold her hand in the street. Once through the door, it's time for a snack (after washing their hands of course!)


Augustin loves to talk about his day while eating jam toast. As for Juliette, she prefers to let Inna help her open her apple sauce. Once they have eaten their snack, it's time for the three of them to do something. Inna is very creative and her ideas are always very popular with the children. Mask making is a great success. Augustin is old enough to use scissors and Juliette has a passion for stickers and feathers. When they have finished their art work, the children prepare a show for their nanny Mômji.


Wednesday's afternoons


nounou Mômji faisant du yoga avec Juliette et Augustin



On Wednesdays, the day starts earlier for Inna who picks up the children at 11:30. They will have a great time together. Juliette's nap time is devoted to Augustin's homeworks, but Inna does not forget to do lots of activities with them. Every month, she uses the activity kit sent by Mômji. Thanks to it, she is never short of ideas. Wednesdays are ideal for using it because the pace is slower than on other days of the week. Glitter, glue, cutting out, scratching cards, figurines to make or experiments to carry out, each time it's a surprise for the happiness of all.


Sometimes Inna takes the opportunity to introduce the kids to new things. Yoga, for example, is a good way to teach the children to refocus and handle their emotions. The positions can be a bit tricky, but Juliette thinks it's great fun to become a cat or a frog with her big brother.


After each shift, Inna takes a moment to tell the children's parents how the day went. She explains what Augustin and Juliette did, what they had for dinner when she was in charge... And if it is not  time to go to bed yet, Augustin and Juliette take the opportunity to show off all their beautiful productions. Some of them will certainly join the ones that have already been displayed next to the fridge.

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