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The Advent calendar

25/11/2020 - Activités enfants anglais


paper made advent calendar 


Christmas is approaching very fast, and as everyone knows, it’s the children’s favorite holidays! After a particular year due to the pandemic, it’s important as the festive season approaches to focus on what really matters: family, friendship, conviviality, sharing. 


Those are essential values that probably have marked your year, and wich are very important to transmit to children, however young they may be. 


If you are spending the holidays with your children and want to calm down their excitement as December 24th approaches, you can keep them waiting by creating their own Advent calendar. An activity that will teach them about the notion of time passing, while mobilizing their creativity and developing their motor skills. 


Requiring little equipment, the Advent calendar is the ideal activity to wait for Christmas while having fun together!