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5 tips when parents are working from home

04/02/2022 - Témoignages famille

It is very difficult for young children to understand that their parents, who are working from home, are not available for them. Here are a few tips to help you manage this unsettling situation as best you can for the little ones (and the others).






1 – Don't hesitate to ask if your home office days are fixed and then inform your Mômji nanny. If they are, it will allow you to organise your time and for your nanny to go to the park with the children right after school, if the weather permits it. If not, you can ask them if they can let you know before your nanny's shift starts. (Sometimes the home office is decided at the last minute). 


2 –  When you get back home, make it clear to the child that your nanny will be the only one looking after him/her. For older children, why not play a spy game, explaining that mum or dad must not detect their presence? And for the little ones, you can organise a hide-and-seek party, far from the room where the parent is working. 


3 – If possible, plan a little “get together” time where the child can come for a few minutes for a cuddle, an exchange... Have your nanny help the child visualise this moment on a clock or a watch. On the other hand, if he/she absorbed in his/her game and has forgotten, don't remind them and leave them to their activity.


4 – The younger the child is, the more they need visual symbols. An "available/not available" system can be a good idea. A sticker on the door (or on the back of a chair), a green or red circle system or why not a stop sign that indicates when the parent can or cannot be disturbed. This also can be a great manual activity to do!


5 – Still, the best thing to do is for your Mômji nanny to isolate themselves with the child in another room, for example their bedroom. Why not take the opportunity to go on an imaginary trip ? Build a fort with blankets or ask the child for his passport (in his activity kit) to change countries. Let’s go in England or New Zealand : a good opportunity to speak English to them.  


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