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I am looking for an english, german, spanish nanny

Baby sitting during school holidays


During the week, on the weekends


By a bilingual or native baby-sitter


Starting from 2H to 2H30 per session

To meet your baby-sitting needs during the school holidays, we offer you an English-speaking baby-sitter : for the whole day, for half a day or for a whole week. If you're looking for a babysitting job or a teaching job log on here to find out about our jobs in Paris and in France. 


Baby-sitting during the holidays

Why don't you take advantage of the holidays to find a baby-sitting option that will teach your children a new language ?

We offer you baby-sitting services during the holidays, with a bilingual or native baby-sitter of the language you choose. This will allow you :

  • to leave your children with a trustworthy person who has previously been selected

  • to introduce or perfect your children's level in that language

  • to make him/her discover a new culture !

Groupe de baby-speakers en cercle

Your baby-sitting : a Baby-speaker !

Your baby-sitting is done 100% in English thanks to our Baby-speakers who are

  • English-speaking

  • thoroughly selected by our HR team

  • trained on safety and language acquisition issues

  • provided with an activities' briefcase (games, songs, visual back-up material, games to be built, role-playing...) suited for all levels, developed by experts in language acquisition.

Why choose us?


    We provide an activity kit we created in partnership with the CNRS.

    Quality accreditation since 2009. Our employees are experimented and trained.

    Leader in France: 3000 families and children learn languages with us every week.

    We recruit and select your baby-speaker amongst the 500000 applications we receive every year.
  • EASY

    We handdle for you all the administrative support. You are eligible to 50% of tax exemption and CAF allowance.


What if you share the baby-speaker of your children with another family?
English courses for children during the holidays in Paris