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I am looking for an english, german, spanish nanny

A bilingual nanny for lunch !

Un garçon et sa babysitter


During the week, on the weekends

Un garçon et sa babysitter


By a bilingual or native baby-sitter

Fille tenant une bille en forme de Terre


Starting from 2H to 2H30 per session

Want to avoid the school-canteen? Discover our new babysitting lunchtime offer: Speaking-Agency has introduced a new babysitting service for your little one's lunch break which entails linguistic immersion with an English-speaker, selected by us and trained with our pedagogical approach.

Childcare during lunch break

Nounou qui fait la cuisine avec deux enfants

Speaking-Agency offers you its new childcare formula for lunch breaks so that your children can enjoy their free time.  


Be free-spirited and offer to your children a moment of relaxation, amusement and foreign language learning:

  • Your children will spend a friendly moment in cultural and linguistic immersion with an experienced Babysitter for their lunch break.
  • Your children will go on a journey over a good meal and without even moving from the comfort of their own home!

Your Baby-Speaker watches on your children at home

More than with a classic Babysitter, your children will spend a learning and playful experience with our Baby-speakers. Recruited over more than 30 000 applications each year, they form the biggest community of foreign babysitters.

  • Our Baby-speakers have experience in childcare. Their skills are validated during our interviews.
  • Our Baby-speakers are perfectly fluent in the language you desire: English, German, Spanish or Chinese. These are foreign students or people of another nationality. Their language level is attested by our Human Resource Team.
  • Our Baby-speakers are trained with Speaking-Agency’s program in which all security norms are re-evaluated. Speaking-Agency’s pedagogical method is then instilled.

Childcare and language learning experts

Apprenez une nouvelle langue

Languages are not considered a school subject but as a complete means of communication. 


The learning is natural, based on immersion and the repetition of daily expressions.


You will also receive a box of playful activities intended to encourage your child's rapid learning.

Speaking-Agency, a professional Agency of childcare

The quality accreditation held by Speaking-Agency is an irrefutable proof of our services’ quality.

Your Baby-speaker is employed by the Agency. Then, we handle:

  • Their training and pedagogical equipment
  • The quality follow-up of your comments
  • The payment of their wages and the linked social costs
  • The civil responsability insurance
  • The provisions for your fiscal and CAF attestations
  • If needed, the replacement of your baby-speaker

Why choose us?

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    We provide an activity kit we created in partnership with the CNRS.
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    Quality accreditation since 2009. Our employees are experimented and trained.
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    Leader in France: 3000 families and children learn languages with us every week.
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    We recruit and select your baby-speaker amongst the 500000 applications we receive every year.
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    We handdle for you all the administrative support. You are eligible to 50% of tax exemption and CAF allowance.

Are you looking for an instructive job?

Speaking-Agency offers more than 2500 jobs in Paris France for English speakers.


We offer part-time jobs in Paris, jobs for non-French speakers, and many more. Teach English in Paris , or apply to one of our nanny jobs!


Baby-speaking propose l'apprentissage de l'anglais aux enfants de 1 à 5 ans via de petits cours d'anglais 1 ou 2 jours par semaine le matin
English courses for children during the holidays in Paris