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I am looking for an english, german, spanish nanny

About Speaking-Agency

Baby-Speaking, a Speaking-Agency service! 

Speaking-Agency Team

Speaking-Agency is a specialist in linguistic immersion at home


Speaking-Agency is a specialist in linguistic immersion.


Today Speaking-Agency proposes :

  • Babysitting in a linguistic immersion : looking after children in a foreign language with bilingual or native speaking babysitters.

  • Babysitting in linguistic initiation : babysitting children to initiate their speaking of the english language.

  • At home language classes for all ages : Language classes to allow immersion in a foreign language for all ages (Children, Teens, Adults) with bilingual or native teachers.

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Speaking Agency : an agency born with conviction and with a beautiful story

When his family returned after two years of expatriation in the US, Antoine Gentil noticed that his two younger sisters, while still very younge, came back to France perfectly bilingual. Undertstanding then that the best way to learn a foreign language is to start learning it a young age, the idea came to him so naturally. Why is there not a service that allows language immersion at home for children ?


Antoine Gentil (ESSEC BBA-EPSCI)  went on to meet Julien Viaud (HEC Montréal) while studying a masters at l’ESCP-Europe. Together, they set up this project and founded Speaking-Agency. They went on to surround themselves with recruitment specialists, starting with Maria Kihlstedt, a conference master in psycholinguistics in CNRS and later John Herbstritt, a specialist in language rhetorics at Berkley University, America. In supporting themselves on the research of Maria Kihlstedt and the experience of John Herbstritt, they went on to develop innovating pedagogical tools and training for their future ambassadors.


In 2015, followed by the request of several parents, Speaking-Agency started to expand it’s services, proposing even more babysitting, language courses at home for all ages : children, adolescents, and adults. With bilingual or native speakers.


Today, more than 1500 families put their trust in us and use out babysitting and home-teaching services.