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I am looking for an english, german, spanish nanny

Meet Tricia Teo, our June employee of the month

Chosing an employee of the month always allows us to make a new portrait of one our our Language Ambassadors. For Tricia , our task was quite easy because she had a lot of things to tell us. Born in Singapour, Tricia worked in Event and Marketing before moving to France "in the name of love" as she says. This great babysitter is quite talkative and pratices muy thai, rollerblade and dance! You don't really get bored with that kind of girl!

Tricia has been working for Speaking-agencysince february, taking care of two children, of 3 years old dans 7 yeards old. An unforgettable experience for her : "The parents of the children I work with are very nice to me and I often spend 10-15 minutes at the end of the day chatting with them before I leave. They are very considerate of my time and I feel very welcomed in their home.The kids are great too! It must be one of the best feelings in the world when kids run into your arms and pepper you with kisses! "says tricia. Not bad for a girl who was, a few months ago, really "nervous about taking up a job taking care of kids".

To get her work done with efficiency, Trica has to be very creative : "It’s amazing how fast they pick up things and I love the challenges to come up with new games to help them learn. Sometimes it’s through drawings other times with acting and memory games. All these activities are good exercise for the creativity muscle! Through these, I also get to improve my French so it’s definitely a win-win situation" says Tricia.

An enjoyement shared with the family she works in : "Tricia is always in great mood, really cheerful. She has an excellent feeling with children and is quite reliable" At Speaking-agency, Tricia also found herself quite comfortable in our awesome community :" I’ve been to a couple of events with Speaking Agency and I’ve always met really great people with incredible stories and backgrounds." told us Tricia. That's exactly what you should join our Speed recruiting picnic next thursday!

A successful experience, a happy family and a perfect induction in our community : Congratulations Tricia! You really deserved your title of Employee of the month.

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