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I am looking for an english, german, spanish nanny

Meet Hayley, our September employee of the month

06/11/2015 -

With more than 1000 families learning English each week with Speaking-agency, we have  a lot skillfull Language Ambassadors. It was hard for us to pick one for September’s Employee of the month but  we made up our mind on Hayley Mars!


babysitter of the month

For two month this young 21 years old british girl has been taking care of  a little  four years old boy, Hadrien, every week day after school in a Parisian home, and in English only. Hayley did more than just regular babysitting and completely beat the family’s expectations :

“Hayley takes perfectly care of my son. She has a lot of imagination, my son is thrilled and so am I.  He got used to her in no time. She is so creative, she bakes cake and even builds planes ouf ot milk bottles, always in English. My son really loves this!” said Hadrien's mum. That’s some of the many things our babysitters can do! 


Congratulations Hayley, you deserve your title!

Really involved in our mission at Speaking-agency, Hayley also took some French conversation classes in our office. She was also there at our last Wine & Cheese Party On October 15th in Paris. While we were sharing a  glass a Wine, we gave her a special Smartbox “Parenthèse de douceur”  to get some bodycare offered by Speaking-agency. 

We want the best for our Language Ambassadors, so we give them the best. If you too want to be a part of the Speaking Family and maybe become our next employee of the month, APPLY HERE for one our babysitting and teaching jobs!

Do you want to find a job just as Hayley did?

Speaking-Agency offers jobs in Paris for English speakers, including student jobs in Paris, jobs for expats in France.


Join our community and teach English in Paris or apply to our babysitting jobs in France!


Why choose Baby-Speaking?

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    We provide an activity kit we created in partnership with the CNRS.
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    Quality accreditation since 2009. Our employees are experimented and trained.
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    Leader in France: 3000 families and children learn languages with us every week.
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    We recruit and select your baby-speaker amongst the 500000 applications we receive every year.
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    We handdle for you all the administrative support. You are eligible to 50% of tax exemption and CAF allowance.

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