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I am looking for an english, german, spanish nanny

Congratulations to Janice, our bilingual employee of the month!

11/05/2017 - Nos babysitters bilingues


If you already work as a Baby-sitter or as a Teacher for Speaking-Agency, you must be aware of the two crucial skills we’re looking for: linguistic fluency and relational qualities. Janice, our Employee of the month for April, meets these two perfectly!

Janice is a young Canadian girl living in Paris and born in the Philipinnes.

She came to France last October  to learn French. Janice likes travelling, playing Basketball and drawing.


“I plan to travel more of France and  the surrounding countries. I want to watch the Tour de France here in Paris and in the other cities in France.”


Already working as a Baby-speaker for 6 months, she’s « mature, cheerful and kind ». The family Janice works with is really satisfied with Janice’s babysitting, they find it "perfect".


They say: « She doesn’t hesitate to solicit my children to make them speak English and she has no problem adapting herself to their personalities »


« A friendly relationship »


We asked Janice to talk about her experience as a Baby-speaker for Speaking-Agency: « My relationship with the children and family is good. The kids are playful when trying to learn English. The family welcomed me into their home and they were always kind, respectful and easy to communicate with. »


Janice managed to establish a good relationship with the child she babysits, which is undoubtedly important to make them learn English.


Consequently, Janice wins the honorific « Employee of the month » along with her gift. Her hard work and her implication reminds us ofSpeaking-Agency’s mission, and we thank her for that.


Congratulations to Janice and to all of our Language Ambassadors who bring bilingualism to youngsters!


You want to be our next Employee of the Month and win a 50€ Smartbox?

Speaking-Agency chooses its Employee of the Month based on 3 criteria;

-The satisfaction of the family you work for

-Your pedagogical approach

+ Your eventual positive impact on the Speaking-Community Group


If you think you meet with these criteria, just fill in the form below and become our new Employee of the Month!



Do you want to become a language ambassador as well?

Speaking-Agency has more than 2000 jobs in Paris for English speakers. Including English jobs in Paris, jobs in Paris for foreigners, such as nanny jobs and babysitting jobs in Paris.

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