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I am looking for an english, german, spanish nanny

Speaking Agency at the Ministry of Education

22/12/2011 -



Antoine Gentil, one of the two founders of Baby-speaking, was invited to breakfast with Luc Chatel (Minister of Education) and was able to ask the minister a few questions about teaching English in France. 

Luc Chatel, minister of education, in favour of teaching more English at school!

Luc Chatel said it again : "yes, we encourage learning English ! For that matter we have recently launched additional English lessons in high school".

Regarding the competence of the French-speaking teachers to teach English, Luc Chatel said that calling on native English-speakers is indeed an initiative that is already taking place and which is being developed further.


Fondateur de Baby-speaking invité au ministère de l'éducation nationale

Luc Chatel, in favour of learning foreign languages at a young age 

Luc Chatel had already taken a stand in the media on the issue of learning foreign languages at a young age. He confirmed it again by being very interested in Baby-speaking's initiative to hire teachers whose native language is the taught language. 


It's worth keeping an eye on : will there soon be a native teacher from Baby-speaking at your child's school ? 

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