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4 fun games to teach the basics of English to children

11/08/2016 - Activités enfants anglais

Do you think there is an age for everything? At Speaking-Agency, we think that there is no age to play and that even adults should get on with it.

Teach your child colors, body parts, objects and make him love English! We know that it can be difficult to find new ideas for games to play with a child. Here are 4 games allowing a fun learning of English-speaking bases.

Your child may play with his English nanny after school!





The object box (The Touch and feel box)
To play, you will need a box and different items such as pens, an apple, a plastic bottle, a tissue pack etc. To win the game, the child must first recognize the object he touches in the box (without seeing it) and then name it.


This game not only improves the sense of touch but also the learning of simple words of English. Indeed, you can make the child win the game only if he finds the name of the object in English.


The younger the child is, the more you will have to make sure to put in the box large, easily recognizable objects to which the child is constantly confronted in his daily life (his teddy bear, for example). To reward the child at the end of the game, you can easily organize a snack peach by putting candy bars or candies in the box.



The missing object (listening game)
This game, unlike the previous one that plays on sensations, plays on the memory. You will have to play different objects on a table. Show the child for a few minutes the objects on the table. It is at this point in the game that you can make him repeat the English words of the chosen objects. Then remove one of the objects from the table. To win, the child will have to remember the name in English of the missing object.


Do not forget to adapt the difficulty of the words and the number of objects to the age of the child. Similarly, to make the game easier and more fun for the child, do not hesitate to give small nicknames to objects such as "Mister pen", "Miss Apple". The child will thus retain English words more easily.


# GAME3 TO LEARN ENGLISH: Jacques said (Simon says)

You know all the rules of the game Jacques said? This game is more suitable for a group of children but can also be played with two. What is the principle ? Someone plays the role of Jacques and gives an order to the rest of the group.


To be obeyed, Jacques must begin his sentence with "Jacques said .... ". If Jacques gives an order without saying "Jacques said," the other players must not obey. The goal of Jacques is to eliminate as many players as possible by encouraging them to obey when they do not have to, or by making them make a mistake. This game can allow your child to learn different parts of the body in English language.


In English, this game is called "Simon says". You will have to give an order saying "Simon says .... touch you hair "for example.


# GAME4 TO LEARN ENGLISH: The Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt is a very well known game. You have probably already played it being small. This is to hide an object in a room and the child must find the location of the object through clues. This game can be interesting if you have to take care of a group of children or if you are parents of a big brother. To teach them the basics of English, you can put the clues in English. However, do not forget to adapt the clues to the age of the children present.


There are so many existing games that a blog would not be enough to identify them all. If you are creative, do not hesitate to imagine your own games or to mix existing games to spend good moments in English with your children. If you have other ideas for fun games to learn English in a fun way, do not hesitate to share them!


Learning the basics of English through games can be a good way to introduce your child to the language. However, the best way to learn a language for a child is immersion! For this purpose, Speaking-Agency offers home childcare services in English as well as English and other language courses for native or bilingual anglophones for your children.



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