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I am looking for an english, german, spanish nanny


Looking for an English nanny at home : you will find below the answers to the most frequent questions that have been submitted to us. This page is refreshed as new questions are submitted : if you can't find the answer to your question, don't hesitate to contact our agency ! If you're looking for a babysitting job or a teaching job log on here to find out about our jobs in Paris and in France. 

In our baby-sitting agency, we insure a 'logistical' side ; part of our staff is dedicated to communicating with the candidates and another one to recruiting. We do our best to constantly have a pool of employees ready to start working, or to insure a substitution in case of an unexpected absence. More details on How the Agency works.

Our system is based on credit hours which insures a certain flexibility : you commit yourself to using a minimum number of hours per month, but if you wish to cancel part of a session or a whole session, you just need to inform your Baby-speaker and find another time during the month to catch up on the lost hours.

YES! We offer baby-sitting services in a foreign language with an educational back-up material (training, activities' briefcase...) but we meet above all else a child care need : afterschool pick-up, snacking, bath, dinner preparation are an integral part of our services.

YES! The families' feedback is very positive : children are quickly fond of their Baby-speaker. The children have fun while discovering a new language and new games ! Our services speak for themselves : a little over one family out of five comes to our agency on the recommendation of satisfied parents !

There is no typical profile, but our employees are mainly girls (from 20 to 28 y.o) who have experience with children. (More details in our nannies' selection process)