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Enfant et sa babysitteur Montessori


During the week, on the weekends

Enfant et sa babysitteur Montessori


By a French baby-sitter

Enfant et sa babysitteur Montessori


Starting from 2H to 2H30 per session

Enfant et sa babysitteur Montessori


Average 8€/h (CAF help and tax reduction included)

Our goal: the fulfillment of your child through our approach inspired by active pedagogies (Montessori, Freinet ...) and our passionate Montessori Nannies, selected by our HR team and trained in our approach.

Our point of view

Due to the increasing over-solicitation of children (more and more screens, unrestrained rhythms, reduced concentration), our Garde-Active service is there to awaken your children, develop their autonomy adapting to them and not the other way around!

We strive to focus on the observation of nature, scientific phenomena, the pride of self-realization of objects and activities, to stimulate their creativity, to be able to be autonomous in the key moments of the family life.

Garde-Active is committed to providing your children with a fulfilling experience by connecting you with a caregiver who meets your expectations; your Nanny Montessori is trained and fed with activities inspired by active pedagogies where the child is an actor of his development.




We rely on 10 years of experience to offer you:


A turnkey service for your serenity

Your dedicated advisor is available from 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday:

  • All our Montessori Nannies are selected according to their experience, have been seen in interviews, and have been evaluated during scenarios
  • Speaking-Agency employs your Montessori Nanny, manages payroll and all social statements. You simply validate the hours worked on your online space
  • If necessary, we offer alternatives.

The connection between our Montessori Nannies and families is innovative:

  • We match the values, passions and career aspirations of families and our Montessori Nannies to meet all the conditions for a strong and lasting relationship.
  • Our Garde-Active approach inspired by active pedagogies (Montessori, Freinet ...)

Our goal is to work towards the development and the awakening of your child by making him gain autonomy and confidence. We created a team of pedagogical experts (Maria Kihlstedt CNRS, Céline Peel - Montessori, John Herbstritt - Berkeley ...) and infused Maria Montessori's approach to the specificities of home childcare.

Training path to our approach inspired by active pedagogies


Our Montessori Nannies all have childcare experience.

That's why we have developed, in touch with Montessori experts, a training course to accompany your Nanny Montessori to understand the stages of development of the child, sensitive periods, the concept of "absorbing spirit", explain to him how to observe well in order to adapt what it will offer to your child ...

Concretely your Nanny Montessori will follow one:


Online training:

Each Montessori Nanny, once accepted into our agency, has access to an initial training course (in the form of videos) to our approach inspired by active pedagogies (mainly Montessori). It will be fed during the year by videos allowing him to improve in his role of "Montessori baby sitter".


In office training:

Your Montessori Nanny will then be invited during the year to small group training sessions (approximately 1 per month).

Teaching materials to start then rhythm the year!

At the beginning of the services you will receive a briefcase of activities inspired by the Montessori pedagogy that your speaker can do when at will with your child.

Then during the year your speaker will receive a weekly activity idea (science, art, creative hobbies ...) as a video tutorial! Some activities will be based on the highlights of the year (Halloween, Christmas, arrival of summer ...).

Each activity is designed with direct and indirect objectives. Our conviction is that in a natural way, by living and having fun, your child makes discoveries, develops his senses one by one, and gains confidence in him and thus in autonomy.

Example activity for 3-6 years: the game of the "mystery bag"



Direct objective: knowing how to recognize objects by touch
Indirect objectives: adaptation to the environment, construction of intelligence, development of voluntary movement, indirect preparation for art




Activity example for 6 years old +: Create your phone



Direct objective: to draw the child's attention to the physical phenomenon of sound transmission
Indirect objective: construction of intelligence, development of voluntary movement, concentration, preparation for scientific experiments


Want to introduce your children to active pedagogies?

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What if you share the baby-speaker of your children with another family?
Your English-speaking baby-sitter takes care of your children at your house during the day or for a half day on Wednesdays.