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Shared baby-sitting program through language learning

Want to have a babysitter at a cheaper price? Join our shared baby-speaking program through language immersion with Speaking-agency!   

The shared baby-speaker program through language learning

Speaking-agency suggests the shared babysitting program with language immersion. This is offered in 9 different areas of France: Lyon, Paris, Ile de France, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes and Lille. Who either speak English, Spanish, German, Chinese, any language to fit your needs? Although learning another language is great it’s much better with another family, and Speaking-agency can handle that for you.  What is the shared baby-speaking program with Speaking-agency? It’s simply a babysitter who is a native English, Spanish, German, or Chinese speaker who simultaneously watches children from two different families at either home.  

The advantages

- A reduction in price as the price is split between two families

- Learning of another language plus with the company of other children

- The advantages of at home babysitting is (familiarity to the area, and no transportation, etc), with the addition of language learning and more

- With the possibility that each family may receive tax exemptions and assistance from the CAF

How to proceed?  Ask around you, to find another family who has a situation similar to yours (same school, same babysitting hours…) of course, Speaking-agency will take care of hiring the speaker, the training, and materials needed, as well as all administrative works. However, we cannot put you in contact with other families who want to partake in the shared babysitting program.

Characteristics of our baby-sitters

Our babysitters are recruited by our human resources team (native Anglo-Saxon or bilingual) through our rigorous recruitment process in order to keep our quality standards. Most of our babysitters are students from overseas who have come to France for their studies (exchange program or study abroad). We also have French students and expats who have come to rejoin their spouses.  We recruit them for their perfect understanding of the language and there want to transmit their knowledge, as well as their capacity to take charge of children. Our baby-speakers all have experience in childcare, and we verify their references with the families they have worked with in the past. Next, we train them through our approach of child education (utilizing the briefcase full of activities) while also ensuring the importance of the safety of your child. Your babysitter will accompany them upon exiting school; take care of feeding, bathing, and playing with your child. They would be like traditional babysitter would with the exception that we include language learning with the company of child from another family.

Our expertise in recruitment with our babysitters from overseas 

Speaking-agency is the specialist in language learning and language immersion as the leader of the industry; we have almost 500 families who have put their trust in us every year because of our competence and our can-do attitude.  Our procedure of selective recruitment is so that we can present only the best to our families. We recruit more than 500 baby-speakers for a total of 30,000 candidates. We respond to all your needs and requirements. Don’t wait any longer join the adventure of Speaking-agency.

Close to your home

Our option for Shared baby-sitting program through language learning is available at :

Paris, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Toulouse, Other cities

Shared baby-sitting program through language learning in 8 language(s) of your choosing : English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Portuguese

Contact us : 01 83 95 41 74 or by email



01 83 95 41 74
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