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German nanny to learn german

Our agency offers baby-sitting services in German to introduce your children to Goethe's language in a natural but efficient way.  To insure total immersion, our baby-sitters are exclusively native German-speakers. If you're looking for a babysitting job or a teaching job log on here to find out about our jobs in Paris and in France

A new version of baby-sitting in a foreign language

Hand in hand with experts in language acquisition, we offer baby-sitting services, nannies and German lessons at home. Here's our premise : it's best to learn a language as early as possible, with native speakers and in a fun way !

When learning a new language is done at an early age, the quality of the pedagogy and the baby-sitters' training have to been adecuate. That is why Baby-speaking®, in partnership with experts in language acquisition, has developped its own games and activities, and a adecuate specific training.

Our Baby-speakers

For our baby-sitting services in German, we exclusively employ 100 % German-speaking baby-sitters.
Our baby-sitters :

  • are hired through a strict selection process
  • have baby-sitting experience
  • follow a training on safety and language acquisition

Why Baby-speaking ?

Our expertise relies on :

  • An audacious communication, in France and abroad, in the best universities and study centers  in the world.
  • A strict management of the applications by our HR staff, that checks every year more than 15 000 applications through various stages (prescreening, calls, interviews). 
  • The practice of motivating pay so as to secure the loyalty of our employees
  • Our presence in 6 important French cities : Paris, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes.

Our services speak for themselves : a little over one family out of five comes to our agency on the recommendation of satisfied parents !



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Charlotte - We are really happy with Chadia : she is clever, happy, available and really adapts to the children' Read more

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