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Babysitting through French with an introduction to English

  • When : After school every day, on Wednesdays or during the school holidays
  • How : Your Initiation baby speaker takes care of your children and introduce them to English
  • Duration : Starting from 2 sessions of 2 hours per week in most districts or 2hr30 in Paris.
  • Price : € 8 per hour on average (CAF grants and tax exemption included)

Specialists in chilcare since 2009, we know that each family has its own priority which is why today we offer sveral solutions. After school, on Wednesdays on during school holidays, Baby-speaking Initiation facilitate your everyday life by offering a smart solution for childcare. Your baby-speaker will accompany your children in their daily lives through French while offering time for introducing English.

The advantages of the French childminder with an introduction to English as well !

You prefer your children to learn English gradually rather than going directly to a language immersion? When you get home, your priority is that the homework is done? Our initiation service allows you to keep peace of mind. Our initiation nannies ensure their well-being after school, provide assistance with homework while offering them an introduction to English at their own place.

Better than a classic French nanny, a baby speaker

Selected for their English skills and their great interest in foreign languages, your baby speaker is recruited based on two requirements from more than 30,000 applications received e very year: their ability to provide care for your children in French but also their good command of English and enthusiasm to pass the English language on to your children using our training materials.

  • Our Initiation baby speakers all have experience in childcare. Their skills are validated  during our recruitment interviews using specific scenarios.
  • Our Initiation baby speakers all have an excellent level of French. These are usually students who are competent enough to support homework assistance before you return home.
  • Our Initiation baby speakers have a good command of English and are able to lead daily activities for learning English through our playful suitcase of materials. 

A time for activities 100% through English

Our mission is to teach a language as a means of communication and not as a school subject. The baby-speaker sets up a time for learning the language around the materials in our playful suitcase. The activities were designed in collaboration with CNRS and experts in language acquisition: Flashcards, puppets, a CD of songs in English, through every capacity with our baby speaker. 

Speaking-agency, professional agency for childcare

Recognized by the state for its quality of service, our agency has benefited from the prefectural decision of approval quality, the most demanding in terms of service reliability.

We are the employer of your baby speaker and responsible for :

- Recruitment of your baby speaker
- Training and educational materials
- Monitoring quality and administration of your interventions
- Payment of wages and social charges of your baby speaker
- The liability insurance
- Replacing your baby speaker if necessary
- The provision of your CAF and tax certificates



Close to your home

Our option for Babysitting through French with an introduction to English is available at :

Paris, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Toulouse, Other cities

Babysitting through French with an introduction to English in 1 language(s) of your choosing : English

Contact us : 01 83 95 41 74 or by email



01 83 95 41 74
Nationwide number

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